Nice to meet you! ✨

My name is Sam Szykowny (she/her) and I’m a designer from Buffalo, NY. In 2021, I earned my BFA in Graphic Design at Buffalo State College. As a natural observer that loves to learn, I’ve always channeled my curiosity into creative outlets. I find that those creative outlets intersect each other and influence my designs. I feel like a designer when I’m decorating my room, taking a photo, or arranging food on my plate. I believe that actions, even the simplest of ones, have purpose and meaning. That mindset is ever-present.

I strive to create fresh designs with a vintage edge. Specifically, I love psychedelic and grunge characteristics and utilizing those through a contemporary lens. My work ranges from branding, print design, 3D design and motion graphics, and I want to learn more about web design too. My personal work is shaped by my interest in music, film and social initiatives. I love to play with texture, color, and infuse elements of maximalism and surrealism.

When I’m not nerding out on type, you’ll find me reading, hiking, thrifting or trying out new recipes.

If you have any questions about my art or are interested in collaborating, shoot me an email! I’m always looking for new experiences that inspire and challenge me.

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